JNI Armor is a leader in supporting defense products to our nation’s warfighters and law enforcement officers.
Capabilities include:

Research and

JNI Armor specializes in the research and development of advanced transparent armor products, solutions, and technologies. Our engineering team has 20+ years of experience in product development and funded development research. Areas of expertise for funding include:

Transparent Armor​

JNI Armor is a leader in transparent armor and bullet resistant glass for military, law enforcement, and security forces. Focus areas include:
We are currently developing solutions to increase durability. This includes working with the government, vehicle manufacturer’s, and other transparent armor companies to get superior solutions for our nation’s defenses.

Armor Products​ ​

JNI Armor is a distributor of armor products to the industry and government. This includes:
We support all facets of the armor industry through our network!
The Right Partner 2

The Right Partner​

JNI Armor’s goal is to work with the best in the business to support our nation’s freedoms. This includes developing strategic partnerships with other defense companies… and sometimes competitors, to protect those that protect us.

It works! See what some of our partners say:
JNI Armor is at the forefront of developing durable transparent armor for the military through a $1.5M Phase II SBIR funded by the USMC.
JNI Armor is working with vehicle manufacturers and other transparent armor companies to develop better solutions to our warfighters. In a short period of time, we have developed multiple Phase III production programs with our advanced technologies:

LARGEST Capacity of Any US Based Transparent Armor Manufacturer

Manufacturing network includes:
Capability to manufacture 500 components per day, 10,000 units per month, and over 120,000 units per year[1].
[1]Capacity can be doubled with 2nd shift