Military Transparent Armor

JNI Armor is at the forefront of developing durable transparent armor for the military through a $1.5M Phase II SBIR funded by the USMC.
JNI Armor is working with vehicle manufacturers and other transparent armor companies to develop better solutions to our warfighters. In a short period of time, this has developed multiple Phase III production programs with technologies:
  • Extending Life
  • Increasing Ballistic Performance
  • Reducing Lifecycle Costs
Transparent Armor Programs
  • Tactical Vehicle
  • Forced Entry
  • Blast Resistant
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Navy Vessels
  • Rotorcraft
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • School Armor
  • Chemical Tempering
  • Heat Strengthening / Tempering
  • Lamination (up to 60” x 120”)
  • 5 Axis Waterjet
  • Armor Design
  • Research and Development
  • Armor Integration
Why Choose JNI Armor?
  • Most Durable >5 Years Lifetime
  • Delamination Resistant Technologies
  • Advanced Materials
  • Lightweight Solutions
  • Ballistic Modeling
  • Life Prediction and Durability Modeling
  • Structural Composite Armor
  • Embedded Ceramic Armor
JNI Armor has developed efficient processes and advanced technologies to increase the lifetime of the transparent armor.
  • Lamination Technologies
  • Edge Seal Systems
  • Interlayer Adhesives
  • Glass Coatings
  • Reduce Mud/Rain​
  • Reduce Solar Heat of Windows
JNI Armor has specialized Extreme Climate technologies designed for resistance to delamination in high temperature, humidity, and cold temperature environments.
Technologies can be integrated into flat or curved glass for military or commercial vehicles to defeat CEN 1063, NIJ 108.01, STANAG 4569 requirements, or any threat requirement.

Advanced Lightweight​ Transparent Armor for​ Tactical Vehicles

  • ATPD 2352 tested
  • Advanced Materials
  • >5 year lifetime​

10 things you should know about transparent armor regardless of where you purchase